Have You Tasted These Rare Australian Wines

The flourishing pace of Australia is making it the most happening country in the world, with more and more wine enthusiasts turning to the internet to buy vintage wine. There are many aspects that add to its popularity and one of them is the rare and variety of Australian wines being introduced in the market. There’s no doubt that it’s truly a tasting element that allures your taste buds sipping Australian wines. Over a hundred new varieties of grapes are being used for wines, and some of the names were unheard off till a few years back.

All around Australia new varieties are being trailed in the vineyards. The new brands are rapidly coming in the mainstream of the country’s wondrous wine spread of varieties like Sangiovese, Pinot grigio and Viognier.

Have you heard of Aligote wine? Well, this is said to be a white wine variety, mainly from the Burgundy region. Almost all the white wine in Burgundy is made from something known as Chardonnay. But, in case the weather is warm or sunny, then Aligote may produce good white wine. It blends well with Chardonnay, where it adds acidity to the wine.

You may find another brand of rare French wine known as Petit Meslier. In fact, this variety of wine is found very rarely in Australia. This is known to be a vague variety from Champagne, that’s used to add acidity to the base wines.

Another genre of wine is made from a unique variety that can be found in the Swan Valley Region of Western Australia. These Cynge Blanc grapes are currently grown in the Limestone coast region of South Australia. It is believed to have originated from a Cabernet sauvignon seedling. However, these grapes are white and not black. Using these and other variety of grapes, wine is produced by the Mann Winery.

In addition, the Cleggett winery situated in the Langhorne Creek region is home to two unusual grape varieties, both of which developed as sports of Cabernet Sauvignon vines and Malian, known to be a bronze colored grape, which are mainly used for the purpose to make a rose style wine. Another sport of the variety is known as Shalistin. This type is considered to be pure white and is used to prepare a dry white wine.

In fact, the CSIRO has developed many kinds of wine by crossing the European varieties and selecting the best that may suit Australian conditions. A red wine called Cienna is a variety that’s helpful in the preparation of light styles. Another red wine variety is known to be Tyrian that’s also bred by CSIRO. It makes a deep red colored wine. In Western Australia, Howard Park Winery planted some vines, as they thought it was an Italian variety called Sangiovese. However, the vines turned out to be another type known as Carnelian.

Yet another rare Bordeaux variety is St Macaire. It’s a type of red wine variety and is used by the West End Estate in the Riverina. To find a exact name for a wine may not be easy and many a times, it becomes impossible. Rimfire Vineyards in Queensland seem to have an unidentified white wine collection that is being used by them to make a dry white. Their consistent attempts to match it with recognized named varieties have failed and hence they sell the wine with number 1893 on the label. This year actually depicts establishment of the block of vines, where the grapes are grown.

Apart from this, there are quite a few more Australian wines that are used by just a handful of wineries. But, many of these wines still remain in the dark with their names unknown, but however they may contribute to the pleasure of more audacious wine lovers.