Matching Wine with Food

The melange of wine and food go hand-in-hand. Mainly these elements are matched to enhance the dining experience. In most cultures, wine is considered a must at the dinner table. Both culinary traditions and wine making of any region have evolved over the years. The contemporary society demands everything to be blend perfectly. The recent trend seems to cater to the needs to pair the desired choice of wine with food. Let’s say you’re the typical party lover and normally party with your selected set of friends. Naturally, you may be well aware of your friends’ likes and dislikes in respect of food and drinks. Supposedly, you get an opportunity to throw a party for them; you surely know before hand their preferences of food and wine. You would easily arrange to pair these things. The end result would be, people would hover about your great taste of food and wine.

Food experts are of the opinion that the correct combination of these two elements makes dining experience more delightful and enjoyable. The most fundamental element of food and wine combination is to understand the balance between the weight of food and the weight of wine. Heavy wines like Cabernet Sauvignon may overpower light dish like a quiche. The light bodied wine such as Pinot Grigio would be overwhelmed by a hearty stew. Apart from weight, textures and flavors are also complemented or contrasted.

The old rule to have a white wine with fish or red wine with red meat may not be accepted today. The world has reached ahead and now people demand for new things and aren’t interested to stick to the stereotyped rules. There’s no hard and fast rule about matching wine or food. The pairing can be done according to your wish and you may even suggest new mix and match combinations.

You may make an attempt and match the food with wine in a way, that it may flavor the food in a better way. Wine in itself tastes a lot good with food. A good combination of these two elements, food and wine may bring out the nuances to enhance the flavors.

A great food and wine pairing may be achieved, in similarities and differences in their taste. But, it would be a good idea to pair food and wine.

Another important thing is that, while serving wines, it’s recommended to serve the lesser alcoholic wines first, which is why you need to choose carefully as you buy fine wine online. It’s essential that you serve dry wines prior to the sweet flavored wines. Low alcohol wines may be served to guests before higher alcohol wines. You may have to balance the flavor intensities. This is an unique art and you may have to master them to get a great combination of wine and food.

When you pair the wines with food, you can consider the preparation of food and serve lighter wines with the steamed food. Wines that have strong alcohol can be paired with food that is sautéed, roasted or grilled.

You may also pair cheese with wine. In quite a few European countries, the best wine is kept aside for the cheese course. Also, red wine may make a great pair with gentle to sharp cheese and intensely flavored cheese may go well with sweet wine.

It’s better, if you taste the wine, before serving people, so that you may get an idea about the exact flavor.