How to Throw a Wine Tasting Party

‘Taste more than one wine at a time, and taste with others’

Few days ago, my friend shared with me details about an enticing article, she had come across. It was about wine tasting party. Are you perplexed about the concept of wine tasting party? Well, let me share the concept with you. A wine tasting party is considered as a great way to share thoughts with a group of friends. In fact, it’s regarded to be a champion icebreaker topic.

Think about this. In case you taste a wine or two in a week, then your knowledge concerning wines may gradually develop. On the other hand, if you get an opportunity to taste many wines at once, you may get an idea of all the different wines existing on this planet. You may get a chance to taste wines, ranging from Australian to French Chardonnay and in a matter of few days, you may become an expert to speak about wine and you could expand your knowledge just by hearing, what others have to say about a particular wine.

Check this out, when you plan to throw a wine tasting party:

  • When you decide to hold a wine tasting party, send invitations to your friends to come and share their knowledge.
  • Choose a select group of friends, probably six. Select friends, who have relatively some knowledge about wines, then buy vintage wine to taste.
  • Prior to the party, make sure that you have a good number of red and white wine glasses, as it’s essential in a wine tasting party. To make your party look absolutely ethnic, decorate the glasses with many colors of silk ribbons and various charms to make them look alluring.
  • Decide on a theme. Let’s say to taste wines from one grape variety like Merlot, and compare Merlots from all over the world. You may choose to discuss this particular wine, its wine region, history and production. You may even decide to talk on a theme say,   ‘rose champagnes for Valentine’s Day’ or ‘white varieties you have never tasted before’.

Ask each friend to bring along one bottle of wine that suits the theme. Set a price range, so that your friends may buy wine bottles.

  • Have a good quantity of wine to taste and share. Normally one bottle of wine may serve ten tasting glasses. Keep a few additional bottles to drink after the wine tasting session is over. Remember the normal attitude of people is to enjoy again the wine, they have just tasted.
  • Now arrives the most awaited moment. Gear up to taste the exclusive range of wines. Initially, some of them may not like the taste of different wines. But, when the mood sets in, everyone may abandon the taste and just enjoy the party.
  • Food is the essential element of any party. It’s best, if you don’t offer food immediately, since wine tasting may require your senses to pick up flavors first. Food may distract your party. However, during the tasting sessions, you could offer appetizers.

At the end of the party discuss with everyone about their thoughts on the best wine. Whoever has brought the best winning wine, you could reward him/her with a gift of a wine corker. A wine tasting party may rejuvenate your mind and enhance your fun and delight to have acquired more knowledge on wines.