Music, Food, Red Wine and You

A romantic and musical dinner cuisine is never complete without rich and sparkling wine bottle. And it is all the more better, if it’s sipping with lustrous red wine. The fabulous red wine is very popular in Western and European countries. The rich red color comes from grape skin.

The heavenly taste of quality red wines increases with time, albeit you have to store it very carefully, to improve the taste. Usually red wine is made with red, purple or black grapes. The color quality depends on the fermentation procedure. Red wine is generally served in warm climatic condition, in a mild cooled form. Red wines are more costly than other kind of wines. Red wines are often classified according to its tannin nature and astringent taste.

Types of Red Wines:

Common types of red wine flavors include plum, cherry, strawberry, currant, raisin, pepper, raisin, fig, clove, coffee, cinnamon, toast, smoke, and so on. Some of the high tannin flavored red wines are Bordeaux wines and Italian Super Tuscan. Light bodied red wines are more like a soft drink with minimal alcohol content.

To enjoy your red wine, it is important that you have a beautiful glass to complement the wine. Typical red wine glasses are wide and short. It is better to have wider glasses for red wines, as the delicious flavor of red wine can be improved, if it is allowed to oxidize. Red wine should not be refrigerated, but served at normal room temperature. Chilled red wines are very bitter to taste. So, just swirl your red wine and get the real pleasure of it.

Italian red wine is different and unique from other red wines, due to its sharp taste and color. Usually, Italian red wines are sweeter and can be sipped anytime during the day. You do not have to limit your drinking only for meal times, nor buying to brick and mortar shops, you can buy vintage wine online. Italian red wines are given their respective names, after the place from where they are produced. Examples of popular Italian red wines are Barolo and Piedmont wines.

Health Benefits of Red Wine:

Red wine is said to be really good for your health. It helps to lower bad cholesterol levels in human body. To maintain healthy heart and body, it is advised that you have an occasional sip of red wine, every other day. French citizens are known for their voracious appetite, and as an antidote, they also drink healthy red wine to counter balance the ill effects.

Consuming red wine is suggested to have possible health benefits. Scientific studies indicate that the polyphenols that are present in red wines acts as an effective antioxidant. They help the body to control the harmful free radicals in human body, and protect from dangerous diseases like heart ailments and cancer.

Red wine is rich in polyphenols ingredients, such as resverstrol and catechins. These chemicals are found in red wines. New health chemical called saponins have also been discovered in red wines. No wonder, doctors recommend people to have an occasional sip of red wine for health reasons.