How to Acquire a Taste for Wine

It’s easy to acquire a taste for food and new recipes. But developing a taste for wine when you’ve never shown much interest in it before is a little trickier.

Not everyone enjoys the strong taste of it straight away, and many prefer something gentler like vodka or beer. But whether you’re trying to broaden your horizons or enjoy wine and cheese dates with friends a little more, here is how you can acquire a taste for wine.

Allow it to Breathe

If the harshness and bitterness of wine are what puts you off giving it a try, then allowing it to breathe can be a process worth going through. When you expose wine to air, it oxidises and mellows the flavour.

In particular, red wine can be incredibly harsh if you pour it directly from a bottle you’ve just opened. Open the wine bottle, pour a glass, and let it sit for half an hour. It may end up being far gentler on your palate.